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Horizon 2020, SME, Encore-Lab
Technology used

Cardiac monitoring sensors, bluetooth, microprocessors, data analysis and management software.

Project description

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide with 17.3 million deaths per year (2015), an estimated 17.3 million deaths per year (2015).
This will grow to 23.6 million by 2030 according to the American Heart Association.
In the US alone, heart disease kills more people a year than cancer, about 1 in 2.9 deaths. Every year between
230,000 and 325,000 people in the USA. suffer a cardiac arrest outside a hospital and only 7.6% of them survive.e.
Every minute that passes without the person being properly cared for, the chance of survival decreases by 10%.

HC-ONE is a portable device capable of performing and analysing an electrocardiogram (ECG) automatically and autonomously so that people with heart disease can improve their quality of life and safety. Through the analysis of ECG parameters, cardiac problems can be detected early and many lives can be saved by rapid medical assistance.


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Reply from Encore-Lab

Encore-Lab developed the cardiac monitoring sensor as well as the data analysis and management software, following an exhaustive validation plan to offer the best performance guarantees.



HC-ONE is a portable device that performs a highly accurate ECG continuously and autonomously. Your precision
allows detection of cardiac anomalies and alerts users or directly to medical services, depending on the severity of the anomalies.
HC-ONE brings the technical features and performance of medical monitoring systems to the handheld market.

The information collected is used for early detection and warning of cardiac abnormalities, especially those that could lead to cardiorespiratory arrest.


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