The Company

Encore Lab is a technology-based company that develops innovative solutions in the ICT field.


We integrate or develop Hardware, Software or Data Analysis technologies, aimed at creating excellent products and services that fully satisfy the needs detected.

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Flexibility and adaptation are two characteristics
that distinguish us, as well as a constant search for excellence.

Our technological stack and versatility allow us to develop comprehensive ICT projects, achieving a perfect integration between hardware, software and artificial intelligence.
In this way we achieve innovative and highly efficient products and solutions.

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Previous studies

Analysis of the problem and the possible existing solutions from the technical and economic point of view.
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proof of concept

Development of simple prototypes, at the lowest possible cost, that demonstrate the viability of a new product or process.
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Development of a prototype that incorporates the main functionalities of the final product.
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Minimum viable product

Development of a viable product to be marketed in small batches.
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Industrial production

Development of fully functional and validated products to be manufactured and marketed massively.
“Encore Lab was created to innovate, that is our origin and our path,
always looking for excellence and an advance with respect to what already exists”


Leon Arnedo Piqueras

CEO Encore-Lab

Mercury Awards Gala 2017