The Operative Group arose from the need of the Rioja wine sector to find a solution to the problem of the heterogeneity of wines resulting from the problems of the soils of the region’s vineyards.

News, June 2021.

The VitiReg project continues to make progress in its implementation and the consortium’s assessment is that the project is making good progress towards achieving the objectives initially proposed: to establish new regenerative viticulture techniques that will serve to improve both soil quality and grape quality.
During this milestone Encore has been working closely with the partners, carrying out maintenance tasks corresponding to the stations, reviewing soil moisture data and comparing between them.
It has also included within the irrigation environment a new calculation related to evotranspiration that will allow comparing direct values coming from soil moisture with indirect calculations.
An important commitment has also been made to training, with more than 30 seminars in which the existence of the project, its main objectives and preliminary conclusions obtained to date have been communicated to the attendees.

Some of the training sessions carried out:

February 11           University of Cordoba 80 People
March 31               Rovira University 50 People
March 13               Fedisprove 15 People
21 April                  Comunidad Regantes Bargota 30 People
22 April                  Sipcam 50 People
22 April                  Itagra 40 People
27 April                  Cooperativa San Miguel 15 People
28 April                  University of the Balearic Islands 25 People
30 April                  Riegos-Tral 5 People
4 May                    Pamplona Public University 30 People
6 May                    Itagra 40 People
6 May                    Cesens Users and Customers 80 People
10 May                  Cooperativa San Cebrín 45 People
13 May                  Cesens Users and Clients 75 People
21 May                  Regaber 10 People
16 June                 Nutricontrol 20 People
June 21                 Viveros Villanueva 5 People
1 July                    Cesens Users and Customers 30 People

Project website: Link
Documentary about the project: Link