Encore Lab


Hardware development

We put our ample experience in the design and development of electronic devices at your disposal. From the analysis up to the prototipes and the final product, in Encore Lab we put ourselves in charge of catch your idea and make it real.


The functionality options of a tailored electronic device are literally limited. Hereafter are shown some of the features that can be combined according to the final product:

  • Wireless communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, radiofrequency, etc.
  • Wiring communications: USB, serial port, SD-card, etc.
  • Sensors: GPS, guidance, movement, vibration, inclination, light, temperatura, humidity, altitude, etc.
  • Actuators: LED diodes, LCD displays, TFT screens, touchable screens, motors, servomotors, etc.
  • Supply: direct, bateries, solar pannels, etc.


Encore Lab is in favour of the use of free hardware as basis of its developments. The concept of free hardware is the same that free software. This speed up the development and reduces the costs of the final product. In particular the company has a wide experience with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.