Encore Lab


Data mining

New technologies allow gathering huge amounts of data. However, they don’t offer value for themselves. Data mining techniques allow extracting valuable conclusions about their business processes.


Nowadays in any activity or area it is possible to access to a big volume of data. However the challenge now is to filter that information in order to obtain conclusions and knowledge that generate added value and/or an advantage over its competitors.

Data mining techniques allow extracting valuable information hidden behind the big volume of data using correlations of different data. Computational advances of last years had allowed both to companies and to any kind of organization to use data mining to acquire a deep panoramic view of its business processes. This makes possible for them to count on a supporting tool for the decision making.


Encore Lab has acquired the needed knowledge to build models, using raw data obtaining as final output an increase of the competitiveness of our clients thanks to the participation in several R&D projects and an intensive cooperation with the University of La Rioja.

For data mining Encore Lab normally uses free software such as R or Weka.