Encore Lab



Encore Lab has developed for Ensatec a software adapted to its specific needsfor the management of laboratory . The system was developed under Zend2 framework, which facilitates its scalability and maintenance in an easy and stable way.


LabGest includes the management of HHRR, the equipment, calibrations, essays, regulations and all the relevant aspects in the daily activity of a laboratory, facilitating to obtain and/or to maintain licenses given by ENAC.

Besides, it has a powerful unit of reports and alarms that help to reduce the administrative work of technicians avoiding forgetting key aspects such as calibrations.


The project was developed under Zend2 framework.

Zend Framework (ZF) is an open code framework to develop web applications and services. ZF is an implementation which uses code 100% oriented to objects based on PHP5.

The development of the project has allowed Encore Lab to acquire the needed knowledge to implement its own framework based in Open Source technologies (PHP, MySQL, NGinx). This offers the possibility to implement web solutions with a higher efficiency, easier to maintain and document, and also to reduce the development period.