Encore Lab



Encore Lab is cooperating with the University of La Rioja, Grupo Rioja Association, and several companies: Ager Technology, Phoscode, Bodegas Ontañón and Grupo Domecq for the development of a continuous monitoring of the vineyard with field sensors and unmanned aircrafts for the prediction of illnesses and plagues.


The aim of the project is the continuous monitoring gathering agroclimatic data and taking aerial photographs with cuadricopters remotely controlled. All the information obtained is lately analyzed using risk pointers of illnesses or vineyard lacks.

The developed tool aims to support the field decision making: pesticides dosage, irrigation, use of nutrients, etc.

In the project Encore Lab act as responsible of the development of weather stations for the gathering of agroclimate data. The weather stations are specifically adapted to the vine crop and gather the following information: temperature, environmental humidity, leaf humidity, soil humidity at three depths, solar radiation, rain and wind direction and intensity.


Encore Lab has used low cost technologies based on Arduino. The access of the users to the final data is done using a web platform that allows to visualize maps and to obtain the information desired in an easy and intuitive way.