Encore Lab



Encore Lab is developing in cooperation with another company, Eficen, a novelty low cost air pollution monitoring system. This new system will be able to measure air pollution both in fixed and mobile points, according to the needs of the customer.


The aim of the project is the creation of the architecture needed to develop a wireless sensor network for urban environments. The proposed network will, using low cost devices (Open Hardware), provide full assurance of both efficiently and usefulness. The project is being carried out in cooperation with Eficen (http://www.eficen.es/) a company specialized in offering advanced services in the field of Electrical Engineering. The information gathered by the different sensors will be visualized using a software focused to the intelligent  management of SMART CITIES which Eficen already has.


Currently the project, which is framed within the subject IoT (Internet of Things) is in its development stage. Following the policy of support of free hardware the development of the electronic boards will be done using ARDUINO.