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This morning, Emilio Jimenez (Catedrático de Automática de la Universidad de la Rioja) and Prof. Dr. Martin Bogdan (Head of department of Computer Engineering, Leipzig University, and CEO PARAGON Systemhaus GmbH Cologne) were visiting the Encore-Lab Company to know more about Encore-Lab products: Cesens®  and SeizSafe, and study an consider a future commercial relationship


Pago de Carraovejas is a main cellar in the production of high quality wines nationwide. They control their crops accurately thanks to the use of innovative technologies from the ICT sector, applied to the vineyard. Encore Lab wants to highlight their work in the improvement of R+D+i within the wine industry. Encore Lab is proud of contributing to this precision viticulture, thanks to the use of Cesens®. This product is an agro climatic information system to help decision making in agriculture. It is based on stations that collect crop data to obtain value-added information, such as the risk of infection or the need for irrigation. Carraovejas has been able to develop a preventive agriculture using ICT technologies, but without losing its traditional character. From here we encourage other wine companies to improve their production thanks to the use of information obtained from Cesens®

Link to innovaagri article

Encore Lab is now member of the Spanish Association of Irrigation and Drainage (AERYD). The Cesens® product based on the reading of data from agroclimatic stations is a starting point for field irrigation decisions. The Spanish Association of Irrigation and Drainage was created in 1985 in order to improve information and increase the participation of Spanish technicians in irrigation within ICID (International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage)

Last Thursday (23th November 2017) the Project Officer from the European Commission visited us: Elitsa Beyska. The reason for this visit was to know more about the European Project: SeizSafe. This project has been funded within the "SME Instrument" from European Commission Horizon2020. It consists of a patient-self-adaptive system for detection, recording and alert to caregivers of night-time seizures, linked to private cloud platform for patient tracking and big data exploitation.


Our crop monitoring system Cesens®, was mentioned in the article “Towards an intelligent agriculture”; Díez Charo. Cuaderno de Campo (September 2017) Nº 60.

The article describes the different technological tools agriculture is facing the future with; (drones, sensors, machinery…) advances that offer a qualitative and quantitative improvement for crop management.
Mario Ezquerro, vineyard manager of Bodegas Campo Viejo, remarks the great value of receiving immediately all the data in his Smartphone through the Cesens system and due to this, the possibility to make fast decisions in the vineyard.

Link. Cuaderno de Campo Magazine.